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Influencer Marketing Strategy

18.05.2017 | Pridal: Klaudia Malenovska | Kategória: Inšpirácie

The rise of the social media influencers in recent years is undoubtful. This marketing strategy creates a world of possibilities and it opens up a new channel for brands to connect with consumers more directly, more organically, and at scale. Our recent activity with Coca Cola and influencer cooperation was a great example on how such a technique works. The cooperation was not only about the product placement, but more importantly for presenting a new packaging of this iconic product. As a result, client was happy, but there are still couple of questions that have to be answered. Today we asked our Digital Department Director Andrea Petriščaková.

What are the keys to success when working with influencer? 

Picking up the right influencer/s for your audience who is easy to relate to and has a great brand fit in order to have a meaningful and fun co-operation. Most of the content, even the branded one, should be created by the Influencer to ensure credible and authentic approach and nowadays it´s also crucial to leverage snackable temporary content such as IG Stories to keep your audience involved 24/7. 

What are the biggest influencer marketing mistakes?

Creating co-operation just for the sake of reach with someone that does not fit the brand and it´s audience as well as limiting Influencer in terms of content creation. 

How would you pick an influencer that will resonate with the target market? 

While scouting influencers for our projects we´re really picky about couple of key points such as: brand fit (incl. any past comments / mentions), audience fit and reach potential of particular Influencer. It´s crucial to have strong research behind the Influencer recommendation and also smart strategy of the concept that helps you stay focused while looking for the right partner. I´m personally fan of micro influencers trend which means involvement of couple of influencers that fit your brand, communication concept and are not so commercialy drained such as few key Influencers with highest fan base which helps to achieve higher engagement within key audience. Why should we use influencer marketing over paid ads or other forms of marketing? During past couple of years Influencers have become a media with significant reach and we should definitely treat them this way while planning brand´s communication. However we can not expect it to work properly in isolation from other formats and it´s always crucial to plan for synergy of all channels that are being leveraged. In other words it´s about being smart not only trendy.





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