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Record Breaking Slovak Films

23.05.2017 | Pridal: Felix | Kategória: Inšpirácie



Movie theaters are continuing to bring in audiences at record numbers. The Slovak films have been extremely successful this year and keep breaking one record after another. Films are generating high levels of traffic on a consistent basis.


The first two spots belong to two Slovak films for this year. At the beginning of January, Evita Urbanikova's best-selling bestseller came to the cinema, All or Nothing, and it became the top event of the year. The Romantic comedy was seen by 68,352 spectators during the opening weekend, making it the most visited movie of the week. The movie held its first spot after the 10th week of its screening, when its attendance rose to nearly 330,000 spectators, making it the third most popular film ever since 1993, behnd Bathory (432,300 spectators) and Fountain for Zuzana 2 (343,206 spectators).

In the beginning of March, the movie The Kidnap came to the movies and the record books had to be re-opened. The premiere of the film surpassed 69,354 spectators during the opening weekend and both All or Nothing or last year's Red Captiain. For the past three weeks, The Kidnap was seen by nearly 208,000 viewers and earned € 1.1 million in revenue. It belongs to the fourth place among the most successful Slovak films since 1993 and there are more potential commercial hits waiting for us this year. The crime story called The Line, which is situated in the heart of the Slovak-Ukrainian border, is going to be premiered on 3. 8. 2017, and we are very excited for the world to see this one and many others that have yet to come. 





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